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Our designers often liaise with your Interior Designer - this provides an opportunity for us to visualize what your home will look like, what type of finishes we need to blend with and ultimately  enables us to propose the most aesthetically pleasing options to maintain a low key but effective audio-video experience.

Planning is crucial, the sooner we start the better the outcome.


At Mountain Technologies we take home electronics very serious.  Not only do we attend industry trade shows and take advanced product training to learn about the latest in home electronics but our designers use a very sophisticated computer application called D-Tools to craft every design.  D-tools was created for the Home Electronics industry by industry experts. It allows us to literally drag and drop technology solutions like speaker and TV choices for every room while all the accessory items like wire, brackets, racking, etc are prompted for automatically ensuring accurate solutions that work.  Nothing is overlooked.  Priced proposals, schematics and system drawings are generated to capture all the details allowing you and the designer to communicate effectively and fine tune until it’s perfect for your home and family.


Mountain Technologies is an authorized reseller for over 100 brands of home electronic products. We supply almost all the products necessary for your installation; the exceptions being Digital Cable/Satellite Receivers and PVRs.  Many of the products that comprise a whole-home entertainment or home automation system require specialized tools and/or special training for proper installation and setup.  Our technicians have been trained to install even the most advanced and complex home systems ensuring every installation meets the highest performance criteria possible.


Gone are the days where a typical homeowner can come home from their favorite electronics store with a car load of new equipment, set it up themselves and get the most that equipment has to offer.  This is why we at Mountain Technologies take the time to educate homeowners, builders, interior designers and architects on methodologies that provide for co-located equipment, concealed wires, speakers and televisions and the value of custom installed, calibrated systems.  If you’re planning a new home project or renovating your existing home and would like to incorporate home technologies, we welcome your inquiry to further discuss these important details.