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Lighting Management

Lighting automation is not only for exotic homes of the rich and famous but provides a sensible method of Managing the many lighting combinations possible in any modern home.  Pot lights, pendant lights, valance lights, task lights, table lamps, art lights, reading lights, patio lights, landscape lights, the list goes on and on.  Add manual dimmers to some or many of these and the combinations are limitless not to mention tedious to have to repeat for those special occasions when you want to show your home in perfect light.  Then there is the ‘barnacle line’ or the four foot mark in most homes that is dotted with light switches, dimmers, thermostats and volume controls.  Imagine instead a few LCD keypads in key locations with scene buttons labeled COOKING, ENTERTAIN, SOFT, PATH, MOVIE, GOODBYE, GOOD NIGHT....

Lighting Management provides the precise lighting necessary for the activity you’re engaged in.  Meanwhile lights that aren’t required are dimmed or turned off.  Rooms that are not in use can be dark until you enter.  Landscape lighting can come on automatically at dusk, off at dawn and brighter if motion detected. 

Choosing Lighting Management is being responsible to energy conservation not to mention energy cost saving.