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An Electronic Security System is a must for most business owners and Mountain Technologies has had over 20 years experience in the commercial alarm industry.  Our experience enables us to quickly assess a business’ security needs and make responsible recommendations.  Our security technicians use state of the art security products that ensure maximum protection while minimizing false alarms and user errors.  Security clients have a choice of police response vs private guard, telephone reporting vs cellular communications.

Video Surveillance

A high quality video surveillance installation plays an important part of overall property

protection. Cameras serve to offer testimony of activity in or around the premises both during and after business hours. Through the power of the internet video surveillance systems can be remotely accessed by authorized personnel.

Job site safety is a huge concern to employers and employees alike. Video Surveillance doubles as a safety monitor ensuring corporate safety practices are being followed.

Access control

For many businesses it’s a firm requirement that certain areas of their facility only be accessed by certain people and only during certain times.  Access Control does just that; employees and authorized users carry proximity cards or fobs or in some cases use fingerprints to authenticate access into their designated areas.  Electric door locks can be scheduled to lock at certain times and unlock at certain times, locking schedules can be easily altered by an administrator who would also update a business’ holiday schedule.

Whether one door or dozens of doors; the benefits of Access Control far outweigh the initial investment.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Unlike traditional keys, Access Control reveals who came and went and what time
  • Ex-employees can be de-authorized in a few seconds without the need to retrieve keys or the expense of rekeying in extreme cases
  • Contract services such as cleaners can be authorized for certain days and/or certain times only
  • A detailed audit trail of activity can be retrieved any time by the administrator
  • Large facilities or high risk facilities can partition various parts of the building(s) authenticating or restricting users area by area and/or by schedules

Commercial Audio – Video

Corporate planning meetings, sales presentations, video-conferencing and corporate socials are just a few of the reasons why business’ are installing custom audio-video systems in their boardrooms.

Commercial solutions often involve concealed thin screen televisions or projectors, quality high dispersion speakers, computer connections and simple user controls.  Add to that automated blinds and lights and you have professional high-tech presentation room at the ready for any occasion.