Thin Screen TV Mounts

Thin Screen TV Mounts

When the first Plasma TV’s became available to the consumer in the late 90’s, we in the custom electronics industry became quite excited that Isaac Asimov’s prediction of wall mounted television panels had finally arrived.  This sparked a whole new industry of Flat Panel TV Mounts.  Plasma TV’s were very heavy and for that reason the first flat panel mounts were very substantial, often adding 2-4” of depth to the 4-6” displays (can you believe we really called these thinscreens).  But at least we met our objective, our $15,000 plasmas were hanging on the wall. 

Many of today’s flat panel TV’s (mostly LED now) are less than 1” thick and are appropriately called ultra-thinscreens.  Being so sleek and light has allowed mount manufactures to become very creative in designing hardware to complement the new ultra-thin stylings.  

These new mounts provide such a snug fit to the wall that the next issue becomes ‘what to do with the power plug and connection cables?’.    To address this, a custom installer has other tricks up his sleeve.

A common approach is to install a recessed box that incorporates an AC receptacle as well as a portal for the connection cables.  Strategically placed, this method ensures that the new ultra-thinscreen TV really is a wall hugger.

Other applications may call for an articulating mount that enables the TV to extend and pivot left, right, up or down.  These mounts are carefully selected to provide the degree of movement required, support the cantilevered weight of the TV and must be compatible with the mounting hole size and locations on the back of the TV. 

And then there are the extreme custom installs… See the image gallery below for examples!

Here’s a recent video we created describing some mounting options. 

Whatever your mounting requirements, you can bet we’ve either done it before or seen it done.  Call any time to discuss your special TV mounting needs.

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