Stealth Invisible Speakers

Stealth Invisible Speakers

When we describe Stealth Hidden Speakers to people we are usually met with skepticism and rightfully so; that’s the normal reaction when what is being described is too far fetched to comprehend.  We had the same response when introduced to Stealth Acoustics several years ago, however it is our responsibility to explore new technologies and determine for ourselves if it is feasible for our projects, your projects!

First of all let’s clarify; when we say ‘hidden’ we don’t mean masked or camouflaged or tucked in a corner - we mean front and center - in the wall (or ceiling) and absolutely ‘INVISIBLE’!

With Stealth Acoustics you get dynamic full range audio placed where you want, without regard to the architectural conflicts that occur with conventional speaker grilles and boxes.  


Here’s how they work.

Stealth Acoustics’ proprietary design includes high quality acoustic loudspeakers, with specially tuned crossover circuitry, mounted on a rigid frame that attach directly to the standard structural framing of your home.  The face of the speaker panel is a flat paintable diaphragm bonded to the active element of the loudspeaker panel.   


New Construction

Stealth ½” flat panel speakers are securely fastened to the wall studs and conventional ½” drywall can then be installed on the remaining wall butted up to the speaker panels.  Drywall tape and mud is applied to the joint, sanded and painted no differently than any other drywalled room.  



Existing drywall is cut out to the size of the flat panel speaker which is then securely fastened to the exposed studs.  Drywall tape and mud is applied, sanded and painted no differently than any other drywall patch.  


The result is a totally invisible speaker system… but how do they sound?


Like most speaker manufactures Stealth Acoustics has developed a full range of their hidden speakers in varying sizes and capabilities including subwoofers.  In each case significant research and development went into designing each model ensuring a no-compromise audio performance was achieved.  The genius of this concept is the fact that the rigid loudspeaker frame becomes securely mounted to the homes structure; most in-wall speakers clamp to the drywall which flexes and severely dampens a speaker’s true capability.  Secondly the open stud space in the wall becomes actively involved in aiding a full range acoustic performance.  The final and key benefit is that due to the ‘invisible’ factor a full 7.2 surround sound system can be created in any living space without regard for visual symmetry which, due to various physical and mechanical limitations can be hard to achieve with conventional in-wall (or in-ceiling) products.


We love them, our clients who have them love them, we know you’ll love them too!

Stealth Acoustics – a truly invisible solution!