Marantz Receivers

Marantz Receivers

One of the best things about installing technology into a customer’s home is watching the way they react when items in components they thought they knew are used in an entirely new and different way. For example, take one of our favourites, Marantz receivers. Although that might not sound like something that would encompass cutting-edge technology, it only takes a few minutes with these devices to see how much you didn’t know about receivers before.

What sorts of things do they do, and bring to your home, that you might not be used to? Let us introduce you to a handful of the most popular features:

Surround sound capability. A must-have for any home theater fan, these receivers put you right in the middle of the action, producing a crisp, clear sound from any device or format.

Access to description broadcast services. If you like listening to premium satellite radio services like Sirius XM and Pandora, then you need a high-end receiver that’s capable of receiving their signals and delivering them in crystal clear audio.

HD video compatibility and upscale. Marantz receivers aren’t just HD compatible, they can actually upscale audio and video from a standard definition signal and produce high-definition output.

Exceptional sound fidelity. By using current feedback instead of the standard voltage feedback, signal noise is reduced and a sound is produced that’s clearer than most people have ever heard from a home audio component.

Bluetooth and Airplay integration. If you like to stream audio and video within your own home, built-in Bluetooth and Apple Airplay integration make handling these tasks a snap.

Incredible versatility. Marantz receivers can be configured and optimized for a number of different speaker combinations or configurations, including those that require multi-room output.

Automated sound correction. To help you make the most of your listening experience, the receivers analyze the sound coming from speakers and subwoofers, and then correct any frequency or distribution errors for cleaner output.

Easy, convenient operation. It would be easy to imagine that such a precise, complex piece of technology might be difficult to set up and use. Marantz receivers are amongst the simplest to operate, however, even if you’re new to high-end audio.

For customers who want the best sound, and to get the most out of every audio or video device in their home, Marantz receivers are just short of a miracle, blending a tradition of sound quality with convenience and a number of new technological features.

Could the right Marantz receiver change the way you think about home audio? Talk to a member of the Mountain Technologies team today, and find out for yourself.