Vantage Lighting Controls

Vantage Lighting Controls

When new customers come to us for home automation, our advanced lighting systems are often amongst the first luxury items to catch their eye. With first impressions ranging from “futuristic” to “luxurious,” our lighting systems represent the kind of home upgrades that many homeowners either didn’t know were available, or assumed can only belong to the rich and famous.

But by working with progressive companies like Vantage, Mountain Technologies is able to customize and install these systems every day. They might make you feel like you belong on the cover of the magazine, but are available at prices that don’t require international fame and success.

What makes the Vantage lighting systems we carry so special? It’s hard to choose any one single benefit, so we’ll focus our attention on the five things our customers love most:

The appeal of a completely new kind of lighting system.

Make no mistake: these lights aren’t simply the newest set of gadgets, but a different way of controlling the lamps and lighting surfaces within your home. Being on the aesthetic appeal, they offer unprecedented control over all the lighting on a property with both automated and manual controls.

Replacing the rows of light switch bays in their homes.

Having numerous light switches isn’t visually appealing, especially in a large home with big spaces, where several sets of switches are required. Additionally, those numerous light switches are inefficient and hard to manage. By replacing them with keypads and sleek controls, you can add to the beauty and energy-efficiency of your home at the same time.

Customized keypad controls for all home lighting.

Controlling your home’s lighting with the keypad is an exciting concept all by itself, but Vantage stands out in the market for their custom design options, allowing homeowners to purchase and install controls that match any style or decor. It’s the perfect marriage of beauty and function.

Pre-defined settings that let you switch usage modes in an instant.

Getting ready for dinner, bedtime, or entertaining? Simply program your desired lighting configuration for each type of occasion, and then those settings are available to you with a quick press of a button. Not only does that help you manage energy bills, but also to create the perfect mood for any occasion or time of day.

The convenience of automated controls and smart phone integration.

Naturally, Vantage lighting systems feature automated settings, so you can program your lighting to follow normal daily patterns. In addition, users can control settings from smart phones and other mobile devices, either while they are at home, or from a remote location.

It would be easy to say that Vantage home lighting systems are the wave of the future, but the reality is that they are available and affordable to Calgary homeowners right now. Why not talk to a member of our team and see how we could put this exciting technology to work in your home?