49th Ave SW

49th Ave SW

In 2007 Mountain Technologies was hired to install a state of the art Audio/Video and security system in a home on 49th Ave SW. The project included thin screen LCD TVs in the Family Room, Master Bedroom and Ensuite. In-Ceiling speakers were installed in the Family Room, Master Bedroom, Ensuite, Living Room, Dining Room and Outdoor Rock speakers were installed on the Patio. Also installed in the home was a basement Home Theatre with a 110” drop-down projection screen and a Surround Sound Audio system with recessed speakers.

All of the equipment was located in the cabinetry in the Theatre with rear access to the wiring from the Mechanical Room.  Each of the TVs around the home could access any video content, and each of the rooms with speakers could play any audio content as well.  Source components included His and Her’s PVRs, an Escient Movie Managment System, Escient Music Manager, BluRay Player, an AM/FM Radio Tuner and a Wii Gaming system.  The entire Entertainment system was operated by an RTI control network that included hand-held remotes for each room, and later an iPad control App enabling the home owners to operate their home (including the lights) from the comfort of their couch, or while they were away at work.

Back in 2007, the standard practice for distributed video was to use Component Video (the Green, Blue and Red Cables).  The Key Digital KD-MSW8x4 was capable of handling all of the video signals at the time (including 1080p) and provided a perfect solution for this type of project.

Technology and TV viewing practices have been changing constantly since then and the client has been keeping up to date with all of the new products.  They recently inquired about expanding their system to include Apple TV, Netflix, YouTube and iTunes as well as an overall technology review.

The challenge we faced with integrating the Apple TV into their existing system was that Apple TV has no Component Video output; there was no physical way to connect the Apple TV so they could enjoy it throughout their home.  In order to provide the right solution for our client, we needed to upgrade the Video distribution system from Component Video to HDMI (Today’s new digital standard).  

HDMI can be a temperamental technology in that it is an ever-evolving protocol.  Even though the TVs installed in our client’s home had HDMI connections, they weren’t capable of the bandwidth and protocols of today’s HDMI equipment.  (See our HDMI blog for more information regarding HDMI).

The solution we proposed included a new HDMI KD-4x4CSX matrix switcher from Key Digital using existing Cat5e wires that were run to each of the TVs during the initial installation.  Three new Samsung Smart TVs were installed to replace the old ones and the RTI control system was reprogrammed to operate the new equipment.

The end result was an HDMI distribution system that worked perfectly, shiny new TVs and a VERY happy client that was now enjoying all the benefits that Apple TV has to offer everywhere throughout the home.